Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Planning with Crazy Themes: 7 Tips for Planning the Formal Event with The Difficult Theme...

We've all seen it or been there, attending a Fourth of July Themed Wedding, or a Rock and Roll themed Bridal Shower, or a Circus Themed formal...and thought what in the world were they thinking.  And sometimes, when its really good, we think, "Wow, I never would have thought that was possible."  As things become more and more customized, and people want tailor-made events that speak to their sometimes "off the beaten path" personalities, we have become more open to a variety of events as we either snicker in horror... or become inspired by a night that we never could have imagined.  This can be a challenge for someone who may not be able to wrap their minds around how to pull off such a unique theme.  FYI: choose a planner who believes in your dreams!  But here are some tips to help you make the most of your potentially cool themed event!

1. Remember the nature of the event:  The first place where it is easy to make a wrong turn for tacky is to decide that the event is not formal.  But indeed, it is, and therefore you must know that no matter what you do, the event shouldn't be turned into an informal event, like a children's party or a casual get-together.  

2. Translate, Translate, Translate: The second rule of thumb is that you must learn to translate informal ideas into formal ways.  Are there colors that speak to the event and to the theme?  Are there ways that food can be incorporated to carry across the theme?  Or, are there big-ticket items that speak to your theme?  The goal of translating is to elevate and to interpret your idea as to make it both formal and inside of the overall theme.

3. Get creative with the food: This is where you can make your theme live.  Think about the food that fits.  Popcorn for the Fair and Circus, Food Trucks for Rock and Roll, and Grilled Skewers for the Fourth.  Just make sure that it is presented with  a certain level of style and/or innovation.

4. Don't get kitschy: There is a temptation to go too literal, and thus to bring in all kinds of small elements that ultimately will end up looking tacky, no matter how it speaks to the theme.  Don't choose a whole bunch of kick knacks.  A few big items will do.

5. Bring The Big Ticket Item (and you only need 1-2):  Here's where you want to go over the top!  If you are gonna bring it, you must (and I mean must) bring one major element into the space to create the theme.  So if you are doing a circus, you've just got to have circus performers (or at the very least an upscale clown/mimer).  If you are doing the 4th of July, you've got to have fireworks (or at the very least sparklers).  If you are doing Rock and Roll, you've got to have music that invokes that theme (and quite possibly instruments).   

6. Look for Non-Traditional Venues: When seeking to host an off the beaten path themed formal event, try to use an environment that might invoke the spirit of the event.  Trying to do something that speaks to your love of the 4th, try a park.  Love the Circus, seek to use a tent.  Rock and Roll...let's head to a practice space or a green room in a concert venue (and yes they do have rent-able rooms).

7. Don't Be Afraid To Try:  Sometimes people are afraid to trust their own voice and taste; however, if you are going to experiment.  You do have to commit to it by doing your research, testing things with vendors, and creating a detailed plan.  Sometimes your idea, might be the next great idea!  So, don't be afraid of your idea, embrace it!

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