Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Planning for a Valentine's Day Mixer...

So my wife's favorite color is pink, and when we were dating, I surprised her with an epic birthday party that I remember now.  The color scheme was classic Valentine's day colors...Pink and Red, and I used the metaphor of a high heel as the object to carry the theme across.  Needless to say, everybody loved it.  And, I think my wife loved it the most!!!!!!

As I think about Valentine's day, I'm reminded that you can have a lot of fun with these two colors, Pink and Red, without being so literal with the holiday.  So let's put up the hearts and mushy stuff...let's leave that for the kids.  And, let's take this upscale birthday party, and translate it into a great Valentine's day mixer.

First, think about the metaphor?  Do you like shoes? Dresses? Lingerie? Ties? Jewelry?  Seek to use that as the way to tell the story of the event!  Before you ask, yes, your event is a story!  It will be a story...and it ultimately will become a memory!  I used red shoes...thinking about what one might find in a women's wardrobe or house.  So I also used pink coffee books, martini glasses, shoe boxes, and bags filled with tissue paper as props!

Down to the cake cutters, I wanted to tell the story of a very girly girl who loved color (which weren't very expensive at all).  I also love when the cake you eat can go along with the color scheme.  So I had the baker make red velvet cake with pink cream cheese icing (yum)...I than stacked three cakes on varying heights of shoe boxes.

For the women who just want to mix with friends, in a season that might make you feel lonely...think about celebrating yourself and inviting friends to ditch the heart shaped cards, and enjoy the beauty of the season of love.

Celebrate the possibility of love.  Celebrate your passion.  Celebrate your friendships!

Wrapped in a Beau,
I am,


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