Sunday, February 1, 2015

Start With The Dream...

My wife and I are very different people, even though we share similar ideas and thoughts.  She's much more practical than I am.  For her, it always comes down to how much does it cost.  I, on the other hand, like to dream unfettered by the realities of money.  It's not that I don't think that money is important, but I don't think you should let it stop you from dreaming, even if your dreams have to be tempered by the reality of finances at a later stage. 

When we were planning our wedding, I had to stop her, and remind her that she needed to dream before she put an idea in the air.  I wanted my wife to think about what she really wanted before she began talking herself out of things before we even tried.  As the planner of our wedding, I invited her to dream with me...and then we got down to money.  Actually, any really good planner is going to tell you to dream and describe, and dream some more.  Dreaming is the greatest feeder of creativity...and creativity isn't limited by price point.  In fact, the more narrow the price point, the more you have to empower creativity.

So before you start with how much money you have in your pocket, begin with a dream or an inspiration for your event.  Ask yourself how you want to engage each sense.  Ask yourself what you want people to remember.  Ask yourself what will make you smile. 

I have had several couples walk into my office and tell me that they didn't think they could afford their wedding...but we made it happen!   We stayed in budget, we dreamed, and we worked to execute that dream.

Start there!

Never start with the amount of money in your pocket.  As a believer and minister, I'm often reminded that God can turn much water into wine.  And, God's people are capable of helping make dreams come true.

So as you begin to plan the next to dream whether or not you think it can come true.  I stand as one with a testimony of having witnessed dreams become real life.

Wrapped Up,
I am,

Sean P.

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